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  • "The Gigi Method" - 30 videos totaling 2.5 hours of doubles instruction, INCLUDING:
  • The Stagger ... The BEST possible formation in doubles.
  • The Highway To Hell ... The WORST possible position in doubles (avoid like the plague).
  • The Holy Grail ... It's almost impossible for you to lose when you get here.
  • The REVERSE Holy Grail ... You're almost guaranteed to lose from here.
  • Court Coverage & Movement ... Here's how the pros move.
  • Anticipation ... Here are the top cues & tells the pros use to look into the future.
  • DO NOT Follow The Ball ... The "pervasive & poisonous" mistake that almost everyone makes (and what to do instead).
  • How To Hold Serve ... This video is perfect if you 1) DO NOT serve & volley, and 2) are looking for an alternative strategy that will allow you to get to net.
  • How To BREAK Serve ... How to get your return by an aggressive net player, how to attack second serves, and how to be aggressive at the net when your partner is returning.
  • How To Poach Like A Pro ... It's not just about poaching when your partner is serving. There are all sorts of "hidden" opportunities when you're at the net.
  • When NOT To Stagger ... There's an exception to every rule :-)
  • 1-Up 1-Back Versus 1-Up 1-Back ... Here's what you should do if you're at the baseline and stuck in a crosscourt rally with your opponent. And if you're at the net and feel like a spectator? Move like this instead to get "in" the point.
  • How To Beat The Lob ... If you're a 3.0 or 3.5 (or even a 4.0!), you'll never have to worry about the lob again.
  • How To Beat The Re-Lob ... If you lob your opponents, do they lob you back? Here's how you and your partner can "switch" to beat the re-lob (perfect if your partner isn't fleet of foot).
  • And Much More ... We're just scratching the surface!

Hurry! This Deal Could End With 1 Phone Call...

Until now, the only way you could get access to "The Gigi Method" was to come to one of Gigi's 2-day camps, which cost $2,500. When I saw how powerful "The Gigi Method" was, I said: "Let's take 3 days and turn your method into an online training program that anyone can access."

Gigi Agreed, On One Condition...

She could take the program off the market at any time, for a very simple reason: Because Gigi is able to charge $2,500 per person to come to her 2-day camps, and they're sold out months in advance, naturally Gigi was a little hesitant to put her entire method online. She's worried that few people might sign up for her camps.

So we made a deal. We'd put it online and see what happens. At any time Gigi could pick up the phone, give me a call, and ask me to take down the program, and I'd have to do it ASAP.

But if you're seeing this page, that means the deal is still on for now. And you can get “The Gigi Method” for a FRACTION of what it would cost you to attend one of her in-person camps.

Just $47.

Click the order button to get in while the deal is still on and you'll have LIFETIME access to the program, even if Gigi decides to take it off the market in the future, you won't be affected. That's part of our deal.

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The Gigi Method helps to put a system together… When I started work with [Gigi] and doing the clinics, I thought wow, this branched from this point, this now moved to the next point, and it all connected together, so that when I got into a match where I was losing, I was able to put that all together and literally went on a 7-0 winning streak, because I had a method.
Buena Guzman
Testimonial Image
You know what I really connected with? Was with the serve. I just felt like I just had a basic serve. It was a weakness of my game. It was decent, but I thought it could be better. [With] a couple minor adjustments [I] really saw some major improvement right away, and my wife noticed.
Rob Carvajal
Testimonial Image
I think there's no better instruction you're going to get in doubles, [Gigi] gets you very eager and motivated to improve your game, and everything she tells you, you just learn from and you apply it, and you'll see that your game will improve.
Tonya Ciccarelli
Testimonial Image
What's been amazing to me is to see how quickly people get better. I mean in just an hour and a half players games and positioning on the court increase 100 fold, and I would say that's true 95 to 100 percent of the time.
Leigh Hunter
Testimonial Image
I love working with her, she is empathetic, and she is compassionate as a person, and I think that matters on the tennis court. The biggest impact on my game has been] positioning. I have the shots, I just don't know where to put ‘em, so being able to move into the net is critical, and being able to cut off the ball. I've learned this that I never thought I needed to do.
Debra Solomon
Testimonial Image
I had just gotten bumped up from a 3.0 to a 3.5, she made me a very strong 3.5 player and very quickly I moved up to a 4.0 player. I now am a 4.0 player and also play on 4.5 teams, so that's a massive change.
Wendy Gardner
Testimonial Image
My favorite thing is probably the improvements I've made to my serve. I've easily gained about 8 to 10 miles per hour of speed on the serve, and increased accuracy.
Danesh Hussain
Testimonial Image
The Gigi Method has given us such confidence when we go into a match. I sleep well the night before, I wake up knowing that everything that she has taught me… whether it be to stagger correctly, or hit the deep shot and follow it in, because of The Gigi Method, I'm definitely more confident in my match play.
Susie Shelton
Testimonial Image
She basically reformed my volleys.
Meredith Barcia

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